Using Drones to get Your Event to the Next Level

Using Drones to get Your Event to the Next Level

Drones can offer you so much more than a nice shot for in the after movie. Here are some tips on using drones creatively.


We've already given you tips on how to use drones safely on your event and advice on the legal framework regarding the use of drones. Today, we give you tips on how to use drones differently than is traditional.


Drinks and food from the sky

If Amazon is using drones to deliver packages at home, then why not food and drinks on festivals? Domino's Pizza shows how it's done:



Find your friends

This summer, Pepsi launched the Pepsi Friend Finder. With a handy app you can indicate that you have lost your friends on the festival grounds. A drone will then show you the way.



Safety first

In a large area it's often hard to maintain an overview. Drones can make it a whole lot easier for you. They can observe large areas and reach incidents first. You can even use them like a flying brigade (literally) around the fences of your event. That way you can make sure that no one can get inside without a ticket. Be sure to stream all the footage of the drone to the control centre, where security can follow everything on screens. That way you will also have concrete evidence of unlawful actions during a court case.


Also interesting for sponsors

For sponsors as well, the use of drones can offer advantages on your event. Advertising on a place that is not so obvious stands out a lot more. For instance, you can show the message of your sponsors in the sky or drop give-aways from the air. It can also serve as a neat extra, a pleasant surprise when watching the after movie or atmosphere shots showing a banner on the rooftops.


Atmosphere, atmosphere and again atmosphere

During a nocturne, lights suddenly go on and the night sky lights up. There are now also drones with lighting and these can certainly be advantageous when making a nocturne. Fireworks may be impressive, but a flying light show above your head? That's pretty uncommon!


Advertisement for your event location

Every event location has an aerial photo. An aerial video of a few events offers so much more and puts everything into perspective for your prospect. The atmosphere is nicely shown and the usual 2D map is upgraded.

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