Apple is going to Block Camera During Events

Apple is going to Block Camera During Events

Technology company Apple has acquired a patent on a technology which will make it impossible for the audience during concerts or other events to make photos or videos. This has been shown by documents of the American Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).


You place a device on stage that sends out infra-red rays. Footage of the stage that is made by spectators will then only show a black screen. It will remain possible for the attendees, however, to make videos of each other or to take pictures.


Organisers, musicians and other performers often ask (in vain) their audience not to take photos or videos. Earlier, Yondr already came with a solution to block smartphones on events.


Apple already filed a patent for the technology four years ago with the American patent office. Because the technology only works when the infra-red ray is pointed straight at the camera, it will remain possible for the attendees to film or take pictures of other things, such as other attendees.


Instead of a black screen, other options are also possible. Among other things, it will be possible to apply a watermark to the recordings, that cannot be removed. Furthermore, the technology can also be used for other purposes, according to Apple. One example given is the museum industry, where more information is shown on the screen about the object that is viewed or photographed.


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