Digital Goodie Bag Eventbaxx Best Event Technology Startup

Digital Goodie Bag Eventbaxx Best Event Technology Startup

Each year, IMEX organises a pitch competition for Event Technology Startups. This year, the digital goodie bag Eventbaxx wins the award.  


Event technology companies which brought their product on the market less than 2 years ago are eligible for participating in the contest, which is organised in collaboration with the colleagues from eventMB.  


Eventbaxx wishes to digitise the goodie bag. That is not only eco-friendly, but also easier for the visitors, the company claims. Whether the digital version will not end up in the spam filter, is the question that naturally follows. The Mash Mashine managed to get second place and the event networking app Grip third.  


The idea regarding digital goodie bags is not new in any case. Two years ago, we also wrote about the start-up 'Virtual event bags'.

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