Crowd Mics Wins Event Technology of the Year 2015

Crowd Mics Wins Event Technology of the Year 2015

Crowd Mics, an innovative platform to turn smartphones into event microphones, won the inaugural Event Technology of the Year. The award was presented at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.


Crowd Mics, an Arizona based application that turns smartphones into wireless microphones for the audience to interact in a conference environment, won against strong competition. The award, although in its first year, gathered 30 submissions. The 4 other finalists included Catchbox, DoubleDutch, Glisser and Social Tables. The award also featured a public vote that collected over 1,500 votes. The winner was Weavent.


"The award has been a success and celebrated the most innovative platforms on the market. The event industry is being profoundly changed by the contribution and innovation these companies are bringing along. Media, Event Professionals and Venture Capital are starting to realize that", says Julius Solaris, Editor of EventMB and founder of the award. He added: "It is one of the most exciting times to be involved in the event industry and the attention the award has received confirms how technology is changing perceptions and experiences."


Tim Holladay, CEO and co­founder of Crowd Mics, commented: "What an honor to be named Event Tech of the Year! It was a win for Crowd Mics to share the stage with amazing companies who are leading the industry. We have built a technology to solve a common problem in event and meeting everywhere. Our vision is to give a voice to the audience."


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