Who has the Best Event Technology of the Year?

Who has the Best Event Technology of the Year?

Julius Solaris of Event Manager Blog is going to look for the best Event Technology of the year. The new award will be handed out on 14 October in Las Vegas.


Events are dominated more and more by technology. Whether it's ticketing, social media, virtual reality or opening the door to your hotel room with an app, behind every aspect of an event you'll find innovation and technology. The award only has 1 category and 1 prize: 'Event Technology of the Year 2015'. A five-member jury led by Julius will decide who will take home the fiercely desired award. The jury focuses on the innovative nature of a product, user adoption, user experience and the devotion of the community.


The event technology companies who stand a chance of winning the award are:

  • a2zShow
  • Bizzabo
  • Brojure
  • Catchbox Pro
  • Connexme
  • Crowd mix
  • Crowdcompass
  • Cvent
  • Doubledutch
  • Eventbase
  • Eventsair
  • Feathr
  • Followme
  • Glisser
  • Gruupmeet
  • Guidebook
  • Hellocrowd
  • Lanyon Smart Events Cloud
  • Lintelus Link
  • LMG
  • Play2lead
  • Poken
  • Social Tables
  • Tapcrowd (etouches)
  • Twoppy
  • Visualq
  • Weavent


More info on the award:


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