Start-Up: Bizzabo

Start-Up: Bizzabo

The network platform Bizzabo is the ideal way to share information with your participants. You create your own event community in which you create and use interaction with your participants.  


In 3 simple steps, you can make your event social and mobile. With a few mouse-clicks you create your event community on the platform. You can add an agenda, guest speakers, sessions and other practical and useful information. Bizzabo offers all the marketing tools to involve participants, promote sponsors and exhibitors, improve networks and increase your return on investment.  


Seamless integration with other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, gives you the possibility to communicate with your participants, before, during and after the event. All tools for interaction are provided: push messages, real-time agenda updates, feedback forms, polls and surveys, detailed profiles of organizers, sponsors and participants...  


The platform is accessible both online and by using the app. 


In this 'Start-up' series we discover starters with an innovative offering that is beneficial to the event sector.

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