Intel Relieves Technology-Stress at Presentations

Intel Relieves Technology-Stress at Presentations

It's 10 in the morning. Meeting. You're presenting the new sales. Now, what's the most critical moment? When you try to get your presentation on the TV screen. This isn't always easy. Cables that don't work, configurations that are all wrong, etc... Intel is very much aware of this. That's why they designed Unite, a Wi-Fi solution with which you can wirelessly share your presentation.  


Unite uses a secure Wi-Fi connection. The participants in the meeting download a small software on their computer. With this, they share their desktop, view presentations together and make notes. They can view up to four screens at the same time. So no more messing around with cables, trying to get your presentation on the screen. You start up your meeting quicker and work on a presentation more easily together. 


Interesting plugins

Intel is planning on a few interesting plugins. Using the Skype plugin, you can remotely work together. Your colleagues connect using Skype and using this work together on the presentation. There is also the Unite SDK for third party developers. With this, you can for instance control the lighting in the meeting room. Of course, there are countless applications and the third party developer community will certainly see possibilities in this. 


Unite is already available for larger IT departments at a fair price (approximately 700 US dollar or 600 euro). Installation and updates can easily be deployed to all PCs in the network. For smaller enterprises, Intel is devising a solution for the future at a more accessible price.

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