100% Cashless Festival

100% Cashless Festival

The TomorrowWorld music festival in Atlanta in the United States wants to ban cash and debit/credit cards completely from the festival site. Instead, payment will be made using the festival wristband, into which festivalgoers deposit money.


A video explains how the system works. Festivalgoers get their wristband sent to them beforehand. They then register on the TomorrowWorld website and deposit money into their wristband before going to the music festival. At the festival, all payment transactions are made using the wristband. It’s even possible to set your balance so that it’s automatically topped up when the 'tokens' on your wristband run out, which means you’ll never get stuck without funds.


The organization wants to bar cash and debit/credit cards from the festival grounds in order to help prevent theft. There are some kiosks available at the festival where you can deposit money on your wristband, but that is discouraged by referring to long queues as well as offering an extra bonus for online transactions at the event. It will also be possible to top up your balance by using your mobile phone.


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