LED Lamp: Ask for Efficient Lighting

LED Lamp: Ask for Efficient Lighting

You've now learned how to put the first two players in the defense of the Green Squad to work for you. Now here's a third simple measure: LED lighting.  


Energy-saving LED lighting is being used on an increasing scale for almost all industries and applications - street lighting, electronics, horticulture, and within the events industry. LED has several advantages over standard incandescent bulbs:

  • It is much more efficient. LED bulbs have an average power of 60 watts and burns longer than 1000 hours. An LED lamp with a power of 5 W and a similar performance lights for over ten years and consumes 55 kWh per year less. Not even a CFL burns so long.
  • LED lamps generate very little to no heat as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, thus providing a better climate in your meeting room. Save the energy consumption and the cost of air conditioning!
  • LED lighting is more customizable than traditional lighting and can therefore create a mood or atmosphere in your event space. LED lights can change color and are easily adapted to mood conditions. Because LED lighting is adjustable and programmable, the intensity and the color can be adjusted quickly on the fly.

Recoup Your Investment  

The major drawback: LED lighting is not entirely cheap. In fact, it is 3 to 10 times more expensive to purchase than other lighting sources. Event venues make a significant investment when they replace their incandescent bulbs with LED. Help support that investment by choosing locations with efficient, LED lighting.  


So what should you do? Either look for a meeting space where LED lighting is already installed, or ask your AV/Tech vendor to provide as part of your event. By showing meeting and event suppliers that there is a demand for more efficient lighting, costs drop and everyone wins!


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Source: GMIC


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