Crackdown on Unsafe LED Screens in the Event Industry - EMC standards

Crackdown on Unsafe LED Screens in the Event Industry - EMC standards

The Italian Finance Guard (Guardia di Finanza) has had it with cheap LED walls that do not meet European EMC standards, and a crackdown has been launched in Italian stadiums.

LED screens can cause interference and disturb radio communications. Due to the fact that this puts the safety at events at risk, all LED screens, and by extension, all electrical appliances in Europe, must comply with European Union standards (EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility).

Unfortunately at present there are still many Chinese LED walls on the market that can, for example, interfere with the communications of security forces. And the Italian authorities are fed up with it. They raided several Italian event venues and seized LED walls that did not meet the required standards.

It is conspicuous that a country like Italy has taken the lead, whereas across Europe the harmful screens are being used with rarely any intervention. When importing the screens to Europe, it is sufficient to include a written declaration from the manufacturer stating that 'the screen conforms to EMC standards'. But therein lies the rub. Checking a screen costs thousands of dollars. To avoid yhe high costs, these statements all too often accompany screens that do not meet the required standards in the slightest.

A screen that conforms to European standards will easily cost 50% more than the cheaper alternatives. Suppliers of cheap LED walls are regularly lured into the purchase and rental of such inferior screens. However, these products harm the entire industry.

Tighter controls needed
The use of inferior LED walls can be prevented by the exertion of effective control by the relevant authorities regarding import specifications, including detailed information on importers and manufacturers. Non-compliant products are not only unsafe and prohibited, but also lead to a competitive disadvantage for 'honest' providers who invest heavily in their industry.

Now that the Italians have taken the lead, hopefully other European countries which all have the same laws, will soon follow their example.

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