10 TIPS on Hiring Event Staff

10 TIPS on Hiring Event Staff

The success of any event depends on your staff and their interaction with your audience. Your employees are the face of your event and will build, as well as strengthen, relationships with your customers. That's why it’s important to pay careful attention to who you hire.


Here are 10 tips to help you find the right staff.


1. Decide quickly

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an event planner is waiting too long to decide to hire someone. Good event staff also have their own agenda and won’t be free for long. If you have a good candidate in mind, make a quick decision. You may find that by postponing the decision-making process by more than 1 or 2 weeks it may be too long and the best staff may then no longer be available.



2. Make sure that the employee fits in with your brand

As mentioned earlier, event staff are the face of your event or promotion. Therefore keep the image of your brand in mind and only hire staff that project this image.



3. Consult with your team

Your team members must work with the temporary event staff. So don’t forget to check with them if they like the candidates. Nothing is worse than having to work in a team whose members don’t get along.



4. Estimate the requirements of your event

Estimate as close as possible the size, duration and audience of your event so that you can determine the ideal number of staff needed, including their gender, age, experience, and cultural diversity.



5. Organize interviews

Always arrange an interview: either by phone, through Skype, or in person. You would certainly not take on an employee that you have never spoken with.



6. Request a CV

Always ask for an up-to-date resume, and possibly a photo. This will allow you to assess whether the training and experience of the candidate fits in with your company or brand.



7. Share information

When hiring staff it is important that you provide them with the necessary information about your company and its products. This will ensure that your employees are well prepared and able to answer all kinds of questions.



8. Invest in your staff

The quality of your staff is directly proportional to the salary that you pay them. Make sure you have staff that meet your requirements and expectations. In this respect it’s really best to work with an experienced agency that can be counted on to be both professional and reliable.



9. Be honest about what the job entails

Discuss responsibilities with all candidates in advance. Do not avoid mentioning the negative aspects or disadvantages that their duties might entail. This may lead to stress later on. If you are honest with your candidates they will be more inclined to continue working for you throughout the whole event.



10. Choose experience rather than good looks

The right look is an important factor in attracting people to your booth. There’s no doubt about it. And yet experience, professionalism and personality are more important qualities when it comes to making a success of your event. Employees who are selected on this basis will contribute far more constructively toward achieving the objective of your event.




Above all, never forget that, at your event, your staff are the most important factor when it comes to generating leads, supporting sales, and contributing towards the success of your event. And that’s how you should treat them. Therefore it is crucial to invest the appropriate amount of time and effort when it comes to hiring and training your staff.

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