7 Event Photos you Can't Go Without

7 Event Photos you Can't Go Without

Good event photos make clients happy, flatter sponsors and grab media attention. These kinds of photos, however, just don’t appear out of blue. They are tactically thought out and executed with a well devised plan. In other words, draw up a list of the photos you want taken and set out a proper plan of action for getting them done.


Go over plans for the event in detail with the photographer on duty. The seven shots below are ones you can't go without having on your list.

  • Group photos
    Ask your committee members to show up ahead of time, and tell them precisely when and where the photo will be taken. If there’s a celebrity coming to your event who you want to include in a picture, be sure to discuss the arrangements and come to a clear agreement on the terms.
  • Overview shots
    Make sure you have an overview shot taken from somewhere higher up so you can give a general idea of the size and scale of your event. Make sure your photographer is able to get somewhere overhead in order for one of these shots to be taken. Get a ladder for him to climb on, if you have to, so he’ll be able to take the picture.
  • Speakers and acts
    It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to take pictures of all the speakers and acts at the event. Certainly don’t forget about any other entertainment either. Give your photographer a list of what you anticipate to be the most key moments of your event. Will winners’ cups or trophies be awarded, for example? If so, make sure you take a picture of each presenter and winner on stage.
  • Sponsors 
    Take pictures of any of the sponsor-related activities both before and during the event while participants are involved. If you have a drink sponsor, for example, take close ups of the sponsored cocktails and menus. It’s also a good idea to take close-ups of guests either partaking of the drinks or posing with sponsored bottles or the drink in hand. Just be sure, however, that the guests don’t look all too boozed up, etc.
  • Location
    Get plenty of pictures of the location. These will be an important resource to have in debriefings and evaluations. Always snap a picture of the entranceway or reception hall with the welcome crew.
  • Programme
    Be sure to take a picture of the programme, the announcement notice or the brochure. These are always nice for those people who were unable to attend.
  • Guests from various regions
    Try to round up participants from various regions so you can take a group photo of them together. You can use these pictures to send to the regional press. 


Know of any other 'Kodak moments' you might need that we failed to include in this list? If so, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below this article!

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