Party Ends in Drama After Nitrogen Stunt

Party Ends in Drama After Nitrogen Stunt

A pool party organized by Jägermeister in Mexico turned into a drama when the organizers tried to create a special effect by pouring liquid nitrogen in the water. The result: lots of harmful smoke in which a young man ended up in a coma and eight others became ill.


The party took place in the Mexican city of Leon and was organized by Jägermeister, an international liquer manufacturer that likes to project a tough and masculine image for its brand. But pouring four containers of liquid nitrogen into the pool proved to be just too quirky. As can be seen in the video, the ensuing cloud of smoke affected several partygoers. Those affected by the smoke have been discharged from hospital, but Jose Ignacio Lopez Del Toro, a young man of 21, is still in a coma in intensive care, according to 'Univision Noticias'.


"Only when they saw my tray floating on the water did they realize that I had passed out," said Joel Jimenez, a hostess at the party. "Otherwise I would probably have drowned."



The video shows the moment when the party goes horribly wrong: while the toxic cloud spreads, revelers begin to cough severely and panic ensues when they see that there are people in the pool who have lost consciousness. Fortunately some partygoers immediately jump into the water to help the victims. 'Ayudame' (help me), you can hear a man in the pool call for assistance to help him pull a victim from the water. The Mexican police are investigating the incident and indictments will almost certainly follow.


"We are aware of what happened in Leon and are also investigating the matter from our headquarters in Germany," said a spokesman for Jägermeister. "Fortunately, all of those who required medical attention are out of danger and are recovering well."

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