'No More Exhibitions in Ten Years'

'No More Exhibitions in Ten Years'

If it were up to Generation X and Y exhibition are death. How can you best tune your event to their needs? You discover it in this trend report.


If you listen to the exhibition visitors of the future, represented by Generation Y, we'll no longer be speaking of 'exhibitions' in ten years. This came out of the research into the 'wishes and demands of current and future generations for the exhibition medium' carried out by Amsterdam RAI in cooperation with TrendsActive and Ruigrok - NetPanel.


Gen Y talking: 'I want to have experiences and not just get information!'


'Boring, outdated, corporate'... These are Generation Y's associations with the word 'exhibition'. And that is exactly the opposite of what they are looking for: Gen-Yers seek 'experience' from start to finish, right from the moment they decide to actually go to an exhibition. These people demand co-creation, participation and involvement. They want to be enriched with knowledge and skills. Generation Y therefore prefers the word 'Event'. Look up both words in Google images and you’ll immediately see why: Generation Y is looking for an experience!


Gen Y talking: ‘All those standardized exhibition stands: boooooring!'


How can you best tune your event to the needs of generation X & Y? Amsterdam RAI has complied some fascinating insights into the wishes and demands of generations X and Y, along with relevant concepts and ideas.


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Source: Amsterdam RAI


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