Event Manager in the TOP 10 Most Stressing Jobs

Event Manager in the TOP 10 Most Stressing Jobs

Every employee deals with stress at some or other time, but some jobs are more stressful than others. According to the career website CareerCast.com Event Managers are in any case in the top 10.


CareerCast.com developed a classification system in which 11 different job characteristics that bring stress have been incorporated. Every characteristic is scored, a high score on a specific characteristic implies that this is an important component of someone's job.


The job characteristics which are taken into account are: physical demands, frequent travelling, growth potential, deadlines, public works, competitiveness, own life is at stake, life of others is at stake, subject to environmental factors, accountable to the public and confrontation with dangers. This system yields a stress score of 100 and makes it easy to compare professions.


It is striking that Event Manager is the job with the highest stress factor in the world if you set aside high risk occupations such as the military, fire department, police, ...



TOP 10 most stressful jobs of 2012


1. Soldier - 84,61 (stress score of 100)

2. Fireman - 60,26

3. Pilot - 59,58

4. General - 55,17

5. Policeman - 53,63

6. Event manager - 49,85

7. PR executive - 47,56

8. Corporate executive - 47,41

9. Press photographer - 47,09

10. Taxi driver - 46,25

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