International TV Channel for Event Planners Launched

International TV Channel for Event Planners Launched

Announcing a world first: the first international online TV channel for event organizers has become a reality. Henceforth you will find new episodes on a regular basis on that will inspire you when organizing your next event. is globally unique and broadcasts programmes about the rapidly evolving events industry directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone through online television. The channel is a spin-off from the online magazine /.nl that has inspired the Belgian and Dutch events industry for over 10 years.



What to expect?

No traditional event reports, but topical interviews with opinion leaders from the event sector, including exciting new trends. We also explore event locations, destinations (destination reports), event concepts, technology and event gadgets. aims to be informative and shares knowledge. Everything will be presented in short, easy-to-digest bite-sized episodes.


Pilot episode

The first two pilot episodes is now online. Not coincidentally, this the first episode is about cultural differences that may throw a spanner in the works when organizating international events. In this episode you will discover what you should avoid in order not to offend your foreign guests ... In the second episode we unveal al the secrets of using social media succesfully for events.


Backed by the event community

Part of the investment required for the development of the international TV channel was financed by enthusiastic viewers who contributed through crowdfunding.


Stay tuned

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