Bea World Festival 2019

The European Best of Event awards are coming up again. Enjoy Kevin's yearly catch-up with organizer Salvatore Sagone on the Oscars of the worldwide event industry.

Kevin Van der Straeten
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The European Best of Event awards are coming up again. Enjoy my yearly catch-up with organizer Salvatore Sagone on the Oscars of the worldwide event industry.

Hi Salvatore.

Hi, hello to everybody.

Welcome back, virtually, in our studio. Like every year we have a short chat about the BEA world awards.

Maybe we can start with looking back at last year. How was the edition and what have we learned from the winners?

Well, last year was a very important edition, because, I mean, we had a record edition in terms of numbers of entries and delegates. But at the same time, I found out that it was time to change the formula.

So, I decided to host and to organize directly, myself, the event. In Italy. In a new context, in a new format. Which is the live communication week. Which means that...

I think... I'm sure that the live communication industry...

There's more than two days, but a whole week, dedicated to the live communication week. So, from 26 to 30 of November, in Milano.

Milano will be the capital of events. Live communication with events, contents.

Of course, there will be the award, the BEA award. That will recognize the best creativity in events, all over the world.

And the city will host this big event, also in terms of a leisure program, that will include some activities, related to food, culture, fashion, whatever. It will be a big surprise. I think that delegates that will come, will be very happy to live this experience, I would say. And so that is why I decided this.

Because sometimes the local organizers, are not ready to organize properly the event as it deserves. So, I wanted to organize it myself. And we have all the pieces of the puzzle ready. And I'm sure it will be a great success. And the feedback up to now has been terrific, wonderful. Lots of people are interested in joining us.

Also, in terms of entries. Agencies from all over the world are joining us. So, I'm quite confident it will be a great edition this year, too.

We are looking forward to that. I was just curious. If we look back at the winners of last year, what trends do you see?

Because you organize the BEA awards for several years now. I can imagine... 

Yes, it will be the fourteenth edition.


Wow, the fourteenth edition. So, I assume you also see trends. It's not the same winner as fourteen years ago.

So, what makes a winner a winner, the last few years?

The lesson I learned, is quite clear. I mean: more and more the companies and the brands, has to deal with a contest, where they live. I mean: each brand has a purpose. Which means that each brand has to talk to the consumers.

Also, regarding what they can do. In terms of: to improve the environment. What is the purpose, in terms of sustainability? Etcetera.

And so, the event that won last year, had this aspect. That was very clear.

I mean: today it's not enough to have a big production, from technological point of view. Which is, of course, very, very important. Because the production side is very important.

But the brand with live communication has to say something and to do something more for the consumers. For the environment where they live. And for this reason, the theme of this year, of the live communication week, will be the nature of events. Which has a double meaning. Which means: the evolution of the event, of course. Because nature is evolution. But also, the relationship with the environment. This is the most important topic, from Greta to what is happening in the Amazonian forest, now. We can see that there is this emergency. Which is the environmental, the climate change.

And also, the event industry, the live communication industry, has to take their own responsibility. So, thus in events, events should have clear this purpose.

And so, coming back to your question: last year we saw many winning events, especially from India, that were very engaged with these themes. Regarding the environment and the sustainability, etcetera.

So, this is, I think, a trend that is very important. We cannot come back to without this.

Do you use the same aspects, the same principles, in organizing, in the production of your event itself?

We will try to, yes. We will do this. I would like to do a plastic-free event. At least in catering, or whatever we can. But also, in saving energy or planting trees or whatever. We are preparing a program for that. We will announce it in a few days.

Okay, you're giving the good example. Salvatore, if our viewers want to join you, in the live communication week, where can they find information? Where can you find tickets?

Yes, you can find information in The website. Everything is explained. Quite clearly, I hope.

And I have another news to tell about this edition.


There is the new award, called the "Elephant Prodige". Which is a special award, given to young people. The youngest, under twenty-eight years, that will compete on a brief, given from an ONG organization, regarding a theme related to the environmental. And this is quite a new idea, to promote the sensibility towards this aspect. And also, to promote the new talents in our industry. This is one of the most important news of this year.

Great, we're looking forward to that.

We will put the link to the website below the video. We're looking forward to the event.

And thank you, Salvatore, for your time in catching up with us.

Thank you to you, Kevin. I hope to see you soon.

Thank you, Salvatore, bye-bye.

And you at home, thank you for watching our show. I hope to see you next week.