Get Your Guests in the Mood with Images

Getting your guests in the mood with images. That is what ideaDJ does.

Kevin Van der Straeten
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Getting your guests in the mood with images. That is what does.


Hi Ramon, welcome in our studio. You guys have a very interesting idea: ideaDJ. What is it about? 


ideaDJ provides real-time visual support for events. So we actually put secondary screens in, if business people, because it's for business events. Business people are telling their stories. Normally with text, normally with bar charts or graphs. 


The boring stuff. 


Yeah, the boring stuff. Too much text. What we do is that we provide images, which have an analogy. So we make images with a twist to help presenters make their point even better. 


So how do I have to see that? You have the screen with the presentation and besides that are other screens and you guys like a DJ put images on it? 


Yeah, if there is one central screen we normally put two secondary screens, a little bit smaller than the main screen because the main attention is on what the presenter is speaking about, and we provide additional visual stimulation on the side screens based on what is... We don't know up front exactly what this person is going to speak about. We know the general theme. Let's say medical imaging in the future, or something. We prepare our database. We have a huge database with images which are all tagged on process, on service, on business, on type, on whatever industry. And based on that we try to guess a little bit where the speaker is going. We prepare the image, put them right at the bottom, and if you think: "yes, this is it", then we show the picture. 


And what's the additional value of doing such a thing?  


We actually generate more attention, more awareness on what this person is saying. By drawing these analogies. Sometimes we take them from nature. Sometimes we take them from music. We put in some nice pictures to show a different way to look at the same matter. We really boost the message visually. 


And it doesn't become a distraction for the speaker? 


It becomes a small distraction, so first we need to brief speakers really well on what is happening. Some speakers are not comfortable with it: no problem. Yet in most cases people, as soon as they have seen it, they say: "Yes, this actually upgrades my speech". And that's the great thing that we do. It's that we help speakers. We are there to support the speakers and their message. We're not there to overrule or to be more funny than the other speaker. 


But you take it to the next level? 


Yeah, and that's for the speaker support. In general, what we've noticed is that percentages are moving slowly to more and more pictures. People are understanding more and more pictures. So we're actually toning down on the ideaDJ support for speakers, but we're actually upgrading the whole event support. Supposing you have a large event: 1000 people. A 1000 people into a room takes 10 minutes, 15 minutes maybe. That's an ideal moment when we already get people into the mood, into the theme of the event. So supposing it's a congress on bio-food or healthy stuff, then we show let's say farmers from 1900 or something, they're all wearing a farming outfit, and people love that. 


But that actually works in bringing them in the mood? 


Yeah, and also we show artist renderings of the future. That you have vertical farming on the sides of large buildings. All these possibilities, we're opening up possibilities and we're getting people infused with the theme. 


And at the same time you keep them entertained until everybody is... 


Yeah, it's something to look at while you're waiting. And of course we show the logos of the sponsors and everything. All the stuff is in there. But we nicely fade in, fade out, and we play with that also to entertain people while they're waiting. Sometimes it takes a long time for people to really move in if you sold out and you have to fill over a 1000 places and there's only a few chairs left, the last minute; everybody's seated, but 35 people are still looking for their place. A perfect way to get people in the mood. "Oh yeah, it's about medical systems today, or it's about high-tech investments". And that's where we support. 


And is it only possible to use it for a congress or something like that, or can you also use it for business events like a business party? 


We do a lot of business events but the party stuff we leave to the real DJs. We are ideaDJs, so it's business oriented. We of course have music and we have nice videos. We have videos and images and also quotes. And we also generate our own pictures so we merge them in the logos of people speaking into a street sign or something like that, But for real parties, that's not what we're suitable for, because we are content-driven, we are business-driven. And of course with a high entertainment value. But the real DJ should take over for the party in the evening. 


It's a very interesting concept Ramon, thank you for coming over.  


Thank you! 


And you at home; thank you for watching our show. I hope to see you next week!