How to Stay in Touch with Your Attendees after the Event

How to Stay in Touch with Your Attendees after the Event

How much time and thought do you typically put into planning and managing your events? Probably a lot. Planning an event is pretty much the same as building, promoting, and selling a product—once you’ve launched something, you’ll want to attract as many leads as possible and then convert them into prospects or people ready to buy from you. 

Would you just ignore these newly built connections with your prospects and miss the opportunity of moving them through the conversion funnel? Obviously, no. Then why are you giving up the newly built business relationships with the guests who just attended your event? 

Not staying in touch with your attendees is costing you money and missed opportunities. They could easily come to your next event, or maybe even purchase your service or product. But the only way they’ll want to do either of those is if you stay in touch with them and nurture the relationship you’ve built with them through the event. In other words, you’ll want to see your events as a platform of initiating contact with your target group. 

How can you stay in touch with your guests after the event? These simple, yet efficient tips will help you grow your connection with your attendees and get them invested in your brand. 

Tip 1. Design a personalized nurturing campaign after the event

Usually, people send their attendees a thank-you email with a boring survey. ...

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