7 On-Site Best Practices You'll Want to Remember

7 On-Site Best Practices You'll Want to Remember

The moment your attendees enter the venue door of your event, they want to forget about their routines and plunge into an extraordinary environment. And it’s not only about the speakers they’ll hear and talk to or the new business contacts they’ll make—it’s also about their on-site experience, which can make or break their impression about the entire event. 

You can invite stellar professionals to give spectacular keynote speeches and have amazing food, but if you don’t take care of your guests’ on-site experience, chances are they’ll feel neglected. And the crazy part is that the differences between good and bad on-site experiences can be subtle. 

For example, it can be a long wait in the check-in line or struggling to find the room of a parallel knowledge session. Or, in some cases, it can be that VIP guest who had to wait for someone to meet and greet them. Although insignificant, these small details can have a monumental impact on a guest’s experience. 

To help you avoid these unpleasant situations, let us walk you through the seven on-site best practices you’ll want to incorporate into your events. 

Practice #1. Streamline the check-in process

The check-in procedure is one of the first event experiences your guests will have, so try to make it as seamless as possible. Starting the event with a long waiting line is unpleasant, and it may irritate some of your ...

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