25 Delicious Pintxos to Serve at Your Events

25 Delicious Pintxos to Serve at Your Events

Although its name sounds weird, this small snack can be an incredible add on to your catering service. Typically eaten in the bars of the Northern Spain, the pintxo (or pincho) is a strong symbol of socialization and engagement between friends and relatives.

Some may mistakenly call it “tapas,” which is a famous Spanish appetizer. The biggest difference, though, is that these pintxos usually have a toothpick or skewer holding the pieces together. There’s an endless variety of pintxos. From small slices of bread topped with an anchovy to chic combinations of toasted bread, salmon, cream cheese, and capers, these pintxos will become an extravagant culinary experience for your attendees. If you’re still not convinced, here are some mouthwatering photos that will change your mind. 












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