15 Holistic Event Gifts that Will Impress Your Attendees

15 Holistic Event Gifts that Will Impress Your Attendees

Attendees are used to getting little gift bags at events that are filled with pens, notebooks, and keychains. Most guests will probably just throw them in their office drawer and forget about them.

So maybe it’s time come up with some gift ideas people will actually like, use, and remember. Put a focus on holistic and health-based gifts that will excite your guests and boost their wellbeing. Use this list of images to help you come up with the perfect gift idea. 

Bath Salt Mini Tubes 

Skin Care Kit 

Shower Steamers

Organic Soap

Bamboo cooking utensils 

Goodies basket

“Ugly” soaps 

A soap and a handknitted cotton cloth

Scented wood wick soy candle and a dreamcatcher 

Himalayan Salt Succulent Planter/candle holder

Lavender Bath Bomb

Matcha utensils

Metal, bamboo, and glass straws 

Bamboo toothbrushes

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