How to Create More Human Moments During Your Event

How to Create More Human Moments During Your Event

Why people do attend events? This question has many answers. Some statistics say attending events is all about networking and finding new business opportunities. Others say it’s more about learning and acquiring new information.

Some reports show that people attend events to get to know a brand better. On the other hand, there’s data out there that attendees are seeking unique event experiences and enjoying a day that’s outside of their daily routine. All these answers are legit. 

However, all these studies miss the main reason why someone will want to attend an event: the in-person experience. From the Ancient Greek agoras to the latest Apple product launch, people like to gather in groups to connect with each other, share their ideas, and deepen their social relationships (which can later lead to business opportunities). We’re wired to seek connection and get in touch with other people under extraordinary circumstances, such as an event. 

That’s why enriching your event with human moments and vulnerability is a great way of boosting your guests’ experience beyond measurement. By reaffirming your attendees’ craving for face-to-face engagement and providing them with plenty of human-to-human moments, you’ll take the event experience to a totally different level and gain a favorable place in their memories. Here’s how: 


Tip 1. Show empathy toward your attendees

Sometimes ...

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