How to Make Your Large Event Feel Small and Welcoming

How to Make Your Large Event Feel Small and Welcoming

You’ve planned a major event in a huge convention hall, and thousands are expected to attend. The last thing you’d want is for your grandiose event to feel small … right? After all, large events take a lot of time to plan and run. But here’s the thing: Large events can also feel anonymous. 

It’s kind of like living in a big city. Compared to smaller towns where everyone knows each other, big cities are anonymous. No one knows you or really cares about getting to know you. Guests may feel like “just another John or Jane Doe” at big events, which in turn may have a negative influence on their experience and decrease their interest in your brand or company. 

Obviously, you don’t want this to happen. And you certainly don’t have to stop planning large events, but you can give your large events a small, welcoming feel. It’ll help you connect with your attendees more, make them feel more comfortable, and increase their trust level toward your brand. Here are some tips to turn your big event into a small and welcoming environment: 


Step 1. Have REAL conversations with your attendees

Don’t forget that you’re not just the event organizer, but also the host. And what hosts do? They interact with people and take part in interesting talks and conversations. You planned this massive event for your guests, so take a genuine interest in them.

Have people on your team interact with the ...

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