18 Boutique Meeting Spaces Your Guests Will Love

18 Boutique Meeting Spaces Your Guests Will Love

Between immense venues, gigantic convention halls, and cavernous event centers, we’ve taught our attendees that navigating an event space is a skill, and the venue map is highly important.

After all, the bigger the event or the higher the number of simultaneous sessions, the greater value we’re providing the attendees … right? Not always. As a matter of fact, smaller events may be the next big thing. 

You see, a gigantic venue comes with anonymity and can lack real connection. And while intimate events may be more limited in their options, they tend to be more focused on building meaningful relationships with the attendees and making sure everyone enjoys a more personalized approach. And the best thing about small events is they’re usually in smaller, boutique-like venues and hotels, which ensures a more personal and enjoyable experience. So if you’re interested in experimenting with smaller events, take a look at this collection and get familiar with the meeting spaces that will take over the cavernous and faceless convention halls. 


















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