How to Facilitate Active Learning for Your Attendees

How to Facilitate Active Learning for Your Attendees

People attend events to learn new things and discover solutions to problems they may have. This happens regardless of how much free content one can access online. Real-time and in-person learning seems to be as appealing, if not even more, than online learning.

Why does learning at events continue to be one of the main attendance reasons (along with networking)? First, your guests have direct access to the speaker, which means they can ask the speaker questions and get a reply immediately. Even if their question didn’t make through during the knowledge session, they can talk to the speaker during a coffee break or lunch. Second, there’s an entire community of people willing to learn the same thing. One single attendee may be surrounded by hundreds—if not thousands

of other like-minded professionals who are interested in the same thing. 

Third, by attending the right events, your attendees will have access to active learning. In other words, your guests aren’t simply listening to the speaker and taking notes, staying passive all the time. On the contrary, they have the opportunity to take active part in the learning process thanks to the pre-existing knowledge-sharing framework. This will lead to a better understanding of the new material the speakers delivered. 

Having this in mind, is your event optimized for active learning? If not, you’ll want to consider these steps to facilitate active ...

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