How to Refine Your Event Content and Provide the Best Insights

How to Refine Your Event Content and Provide the Best Insights

Your event content is key to differentiating yourself from the competition. And that’s true regardless of your intentions, meaning it works both for event marketing (using events to promote your brand or products) or running events for profit through ticketing. However, the competition is fierce. And it’s not about other events in your industry. 

Nowadays, you’re competing with that industry YouTube channel that provides valuable insights to an audience similar to yours. You’re competing against that podcast that talk about your industry issues and offers meaningful solutions. You’re competing against that one industry influencer who launched a paid class. So before planning your event, you’ll want to ask yourself this question: Why people should attend my event when they have access to all this content with just a simple click? 

Content is everywhere, which means you’ll need to get extremely strategic about yours. How will you position your event? What content strategy will you deploy? How will you get your event to break through the online clutter and stay relevant? How will you manage to build an audience and run fresh, content-based events that only get better with time? To answer these questions, we’ve put together a list of recommendations you’ll want to follow when refining your event content. These tips will equip you to provide the best insights and knowledge to your attendees and ensure they’ll get the value ...

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