How to Run a Unique Congress People Will Remember

How to Run a Unique Congress People Will Remember

Congress planning and management requires an in-depth understanding of a community or industry. According to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), "Regular coming together on a representational basis of several hundreds - or even thousands - of individuals belonging to a single professional, cultural, religious or other group. A congress is often convened to discuss a particular subject. Contributions to the presentation and discussion of the subject matter come only from members of the organising body."

A congress will usually be held annually, last a few days, and have several simultaneous sessions. As the ICCA specifies, a congress is normally bigger in scale and requires more planning solutions. From medical to management congresses, many industries choose this format as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking for its stakeholders. 

But the one thing a congress and other types of events have in common is the care their organizers take to design unique and remarkable experiences attendees will remember until the next edition. This is a requisite that makes a congress compete with other gathering formats and attracts multiple professionals annually. So if you’re about to plan a congress and you want to make it truly special and memorable, here are the things ...

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