Things to Consider When Streaming Your Event

Things to Consider When Streaming Your Event

Nothing has changed in the events industry. We still do the same things we did 50 years ago: meeting each other to discuss different topics, build important connections, and listen to industry leaders. 

And although technology has transformed the way we plan events (by automatizing the logistics), the core essence of events has stayed the same … except one thing. Back in the day, we had no access to events that happened in other cities or countries. Nor did we know what was happening during conferences or conventions that other industries were running. 

But today, we can travel from our sofa or home desk across countries, markets, and industries to gain exclusive insights into events happening all around the world, thanks to streaming videos. It’s all possible thanks to YouTube, Facebook, and other special streaming platforms that have made it possible to connect live with our international audience. 

If you decide to stream your event, you suddenly gain an incredible outreach, increase the brand awareness of your event, and connect with audiences across the globe. Moreover, you’re contributing to your event’s positive impact by amplifying the message your industry stakeholders want to transmit. 

Sound good? Then here are a few steps you’ll want to consider when streaming your next event: 

Step 1. Design the streaming program

Let’s start by saying ...

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