How to Get People to Keep their Conference Bags

How to Get People to Keep their Conference Bags

Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s painful to prepare more than 500 bags for your attendees knowing that most of them will end up in the trash bin. Apart from being unsustainable and harmful to the environment, this may have a bad impact on your brand. 

Think about all the bags thrown away that carry your event’s (or brand’s) logo. Plus, let’s not forget about the resources (money and time you’ve invest on designing and packing the bags) you’ll spend on something that will only be used a few times. 

The last thing you’ll want is to indulge in this waste. What should you do, then? Keep your conference totally digital and avoid bags altogether? This might be an option. However, attendees do appreciate little conference gifts. It’s a tradition you won’t want to break. So what’s the solution? 

Design bags that attendees will want to keep. Make them so attractive and useful that people will be more than happy to use them repeatedly, even after the conference ends. And although it sounds challenging, creating beautiful conference bags really isn’t difficult. 

Simply follow the recommendations below and you’ll see immediate results: 

#1. Go for a comfortable and functional design

How do you expect people to carry around your conference bag if they aren’t functional or comfortable? Do you think they’ll want to put bags with heavy handles on their ...

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