What's the most important skill for event planning? Communication!

What's the most important skill for event planning? Communication!

Communication is often cited as the most important skill in any area of life. In events it takes on an even greater importance.


When you need to bring together a broad range of people to deliver a complex set of requirements, in a temporary location and all delivered against an immovable deadline. Communication is the difference between success and failure, stress and calm and ultimately a happy client and a not so happy client.


By communicating your plans early, collaborating efficiently and taking on board your client and stakeholder feedback you can manage expectations, address issues and deliver against agreed objectives to make sure you have happy customers and stakeholders that want to work with you again and again.


OnePlan - the event site planning software platform - is leading the way in advanced communication and collaboration tools. The OnePlan system that already gives event planners the ability to map, draw, plan and procure every aspect of their event in one location is adding sharing and collaboration functionality. "OnePlan Professional is a new package that gives multi-user functionality so that multiple people can view and edit the same event plan in real time, read only logins to share with stakeholders so they can see and feedback on a real time view of the event plan and unlimited storage so that all your events are stored in one place and built using a consistent methodology."


OnePlan Professional gives you the opportunity to streamline the planning process saving time and money and, in the process, offering clients and stakeholders a higher level of event service.


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