The Psychology Behind VIP Event Experiences

The Psychology Behind VIP Event Experiences

Events have different types of attendees. There’s one special category that has a strategic layer to it, and that’s the VIP attendee. From investors and industry leaders to local administration and politicians, the presence of these people at your events will definitely strengthen your brand image and (hopefully) create more value for the rest of your attendees.


Moreover, they can add a different level of networking that can result in new projects, resources, and solutions. That’s why, in some cases, their event experience should be different. This aspect doesn’t come as a discrimination compared to other guests. After all, it’s your responsibility to give each guest an uplifting, riveting, and positive experience.


But when it comes to VIP figures, you’ll want to offer them a slightly different experience. “I know,” I hear you saying, then adding, “My job is to make them feel important.” Not true. Your VIP guests don’t need their egos massaged, but they do expect a tailor-made experience that’s aligned with their social, political, and professional status.


Not sure what this means? Here’s a list of elements behind the VIP event experiences:




To highlight your VIP attendees’ special status, you’ll want to plan and run specific activities especially designed for them. This will help them connect with each other better (more on that a bit later) and maybe have a quick event ...

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