Shortlist announced for Best Event Awards

Shortlist announced for Best Event Awards

Countdown to the 13th Best Event Awards, the contest reserved for events and live communication from all over the world, has formally begun with the announcement of the official entries’ shortlist.


Three records were set this year, in terms of entries (303 total submissions, +2.4% compared to last year), competing agencies (122, +10.9% compared to 2017) and countries represented (28).


151 shortlisted entries, from 26 countries, will compete this year for the iconic elephant trophies. Winners will be announced and awarded on a glittering night during the Bea World Festival - Where Creativity Meets Business, which will take place in Coimbra, in the Centre of Portugal, from November 21stto 24th.


Italy leads the ranking of countries represented with 72 entries, of which 34 made the shortlist. At second place,Germanywith 33 entries and 15 shortlisted, Russia (24/13), the Czech Republic (21/10), Belgium (19/9), Norway (19/6), and the Netherlands(17/11).


Among non-European countries, Indiastands out with 4 shortlisted events out of its total 4 submissions, Qatarwith 3 out of 3 submissions, the USA with 2 shortlisted events out of 3 total entries, Taiwanwith 2 out of 2 entries, and Argentina with 1out of 2 entries.

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24 January 2021

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