How to Use Facebook Live for Your Next Event

How to Use Facebook Live for Your Next Event

Let’s start by saying that you should put your stage fright aside and broadcast your event. The most effective marketing strategy you could apply to extend your event’s outreach and grow your fan tribe is by offering (for free) online access to the panel discussions, round tables, or fireside chats (depending on what you’re planning) via Facebook Live.


Worried that broadcasting your event will decrease the in-person attendance rate? As the famous marketer Ryan Holiday notes in his book Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work That Lasts, TED conference videos are free to watch online. However, “it still costs close to $10,000 to actually attend the conference and people are dying for tickets.”


By offering something for free and actually making your virtual guests feel part of the event, you’ll increase their desire to engage in a life experience.


How can you do it?


Instead of hiring a broadcasting team and worrying about the extra costs, you could easily take advantage of the tools you already have at hand.


In this case, you can always pick up your smartphone (or ask a team member to do so), put it on a tripod, and just press a button. Your event video will go live, making it possible for ...

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