Bea World 2017: the shortlist has been announced

Bea World 2017: the shortlist has been announced

The countdown to the 12th Best Event Awards has formally begun with the announcement of the official entries' shortlist. 133 shortlisted entries, out of 296 total submissions (+7% compared to last year) from 27 countries, will compete this year for the iconic elephant trophies.


Winners will be announced and awarded on a glittering night during the Bea World Festival, which will take place in Porto from November 15th to 18th. The shortlist was announced at the end of an online ballot overseen by a Jury Panel, which includes representatives of top corporate companies with international responsibility and members of national event associations from different countries in the world.


Italy leads the ranking of countries represented with 73 entries, of which 24 made the shortlist. Just behind, Germany with 51 entries and 20 shortlisted, France (22/17), Russia (21/12), Spain (16/5) and the Czech Republic (16/6). Among non-European countries, China stands out with 3 shortlisted events from its total 5 submissions, and Qatar will have 1 challenger from 3 candidates. However, none of the entries submitted by the United Arab Emirates (4), Canada (2) and the USA (1 entry), managed to make the final shortlist.


Entries will compete in 19 categories (14 event categories and 5 feature categories) and 2 macro categories. All shortlisted agencies will have the opportunity to fly to Porto and present their projects live in front of the audience and the Jury, led this year by Andrea Faflíková, CEEMEA Senior PR & Event Manager of The LEGO Group: a further chance to convey the strengths of the finalist events.

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