"Adapt or die" - How Technology Is Changing Events

"Adapt or die" - How Technology Is Changing Events

That technology is quickly changing the event industry is nothing new, but if you look at the dizzying figures in this Infograph by Network Events, you know it's damn serious.


Massive events require massive bandwidth. Fans at the 2016 Super Bowl used 7 terabytes of data over 35,000 mobile devices. This cost $70 million over the course of the game. The Las Vegas Convention Center now provides WiFi to their users, so much so that 2,100 WiFi access points can provide functioning wireless to 100,000 users. While this costs $18 million, it is an investment in the future of their brand. The 14,640 attendees at the 2016 North American Auto Show used 3.06 TB of data, costing the conference $2 million.


Are you still one of those people believing a robust internet connection is a luxury you don't need? Think again!


event technology infograph

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