Impressive Innovative Technology behind the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Impressive Innovative Technology behind the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Those of you who have seen the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest know that the show looks very impressive. 1000 m2 LED screens, 3300 m truss, 1816 lighting fixtures, 212 tonnes of material in the roof, ... The figures alone are staggering.


Lighting designer Jerry Appelt and stage designer Florian Wieder work together with PRG and Litecom to achieve this amazing feat on the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev's International Exhibition Centre.


"Its construction started on 27 March and since then more than 200 trucks have been unloaded. It took four and a half weeks to suspend all rigging, all lighting and all audio equipment, and to build the stage. 735 rigging points were constructed, divided over the stage, the green room and the public areas. The lighting and video control network is one of the largest ever made. The entire network has a maximum capacity of 31 users in one single session, and controls 89,000 DMX channels over 9,865 programmed fixtures."


These videos from PRG just go to show the grandeur of it all:



Source: PRG, Photo: Eurovision press site/Thomas Hanses

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