Surprise Your Attendees with a 3D Hologram on Your Event

Surprise Your Attendees with a 3D Hologram on Your Event

Looking for an extra to boost your event? Something that will blow the minds of your attendees? Then the new Hypervsn hologram technology is a must-have.


Where usually holograms are an expensive undertaking, Hypervsn costs distinctly less. By taking a simple technique to a higher level, you can achieve beautiful results.


This London-based company Kino-mo saw the potential in propellers with a LED display. After a bit of fine-tuning, Hypervsn was born. You plug the propeller in and then the 3D image will appear. You can set up the holograms configuration yourself.


You can use Hypervsn purely for decoration, since the hologram is even visible in bright light conditions. But you can also use it to point your attendees in the right direction in an original way. It is always more fun to find the toilet with the help of a 'flying' sign. Or why not use it as part of the entertainment?


A nice extra; user-friendly and for a decent price. In the video below you can see Hypervsn come to life.


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