What about Organising a 'Boxwar' as a Team Building

What about Organising a 'Boxwar' as a Team Building

Our editing office sees the strangest concepts come by. Every now and then, there's one among them that stands out, and that we wouldn't want to keep from you. Including this video of Boxwars, which already serves as inspiration for the next team building.


The Boxwars concept is simple. You build armour, weapons, tanks, etc., with cardboard boxes ... Between all of the cardboard warfare there are true gems. Although the building itself is already a lot of fun, the moment suprême comes a little later, when the two armies mercilessly destroy each other’s creations. In order to keep it safe and fun, there are strict rules. For instance, there are no winners, only losers.


The concept is not new. The first 'box battle' was fought in 2002 in Australia. Since then, Boxwars have been conquering the world. It's a viral video which is going 'round on Facebook that resuscitates the concept's popularity.


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