Who Needs Fireworks, When You Can Use 300 Drones?

Who Needs Fireworks, When You Can Use 300 Drones?

Together with Intel, Disney is launching the biggest drone led show in the world. 300 drones will perform an advanced choreography, which will produce a spectacle like you've never seen before!


With its 100 choreographed drones, Intel broke a world record in 2015 in Germany. Disney was so impressed by this, that they asked Intel to provide an alternative for their fireworks show during the holidays.



An amazing feat of technology

After Intel's world record with 100 drones and an according tour in Europe, it was time to evaluate. Intel's New Technology manager, Josh Walden, noted that the preparation time for a show was way too long. After a brainstorm, the team came up with a way to program the drones off-site. Afterwards, the choreography can be uploaded to the drones, which will then begin their show.


The drones were outfitted with a more accurate GPS and are programmed so neatly that they can fly with just one and a half meters distance in between. Beforehand, they still had to fly at 3 meters’ distance in order to avoid collision. They are built with plastic, causing them to have only the weight of a volleyball. To ensure safety, the show will take place at about 180 meters’ distance from the audience, above a Disney Springs lake.



Very creative

We have known for a while that drones and creativity go well together, but Intel has really pushed the boundary with these technological fireworks. Details about what the show is going to look like are not yet known, but Disney has already posted a teaser where the drones take the shape of a Christmas tree.






Now people realise that drones can also be used as a show, we will start to see more and more of these amazing technological feats. Whether fireworks will ever become obsolete is not yet certain, but there are definitely some impressive things to be done with it!



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