Start-Up: Eventpeeks

Start-Up: Eventpeeks

A live Twitter or Instagram wall during your event? How cool is that? The start-up Eventpeeks has what you need, and can generate additional options for your partners.


"This is not a novelty", I can hear you think. Indeed, there are more tools which broadcast your social media wall live during your event. But Eventpeeks stands out by its beautiful lay-out, its ease of use and the fact that you can easily moderate the tool.


Using your event hashtag, Eventpeeks collects all content on Twitter, Instagram and Vine. The software pours these posts and tweets into a nice lay-out which is completely customised to match the look and feel of your event. You can add logos and messages by sponsors and partners to the equation. Extra options and therefore extra added value to reach your audience!


You can broadcast your social media wall anywhere. The only thing you need is an internet connection. A social media wall by Eventpeeks always looks good, whether it's on a TV screen or on projections of various kinds of projectors.


Afraid of negative or unsuitable posts? No need. With just one mouse-click you can approve or reject content And to top it off, Eventpeeks offers an extensive analytics module, with which you can very easily measure the success of your event and the engagement of your participants. You should also definitely take a look on the Eventpeeks website, because they offer plenty of interesting tips on how to promote your event using social media.


In this series 'Start-up', we discover starters with an innovative offering which is useful for the event industry.

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