Throw Your Flash Website in the Trash Can Right Away

Throw Your Flash Website in the Trash Can Right Away

Do you still have an event website using Flash? Then it is high time to throw it in the trash bin. Because Adobe, the creator of Flash, announced to finally kill the player.


Web technology evolves at the speed of light. The once popular Adobe Flash Player, for instance, is as good as dead, but still there are many websites in the event industry which use the old technology. The plugin crashes regularly and constantly requires security updates. After all, security is the Achilles' heel of Flash.


Is your website still running on Flash? Then it is time to act. Without Flash. But don't worry, you're not going to miss it. Meanwhile, HTML5 already offers a perfect alternative.


This is actually no news. It's been known for years that Flash is going down. Flash websites were already inaccessible on iPhone and iPad. Last year big browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox have announced that they standardly block Flash. And now Adobe itself finally announced that the close down the technology in 2020.



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