Fancy Wedding Invitation Accidentally Puts 'Children' on the Menu

Fancy Wedding Invitation Accidentally Puts 'Children' on the Menu

At the designing of the RSVP card for this wedding, something went quite wrong. Apart from beef or pork, you can also choose for 'children' as an entrée.


The photo was poster on Reddit. The RSVP card asks you for your name, whether you will attend the wedding party and whether you want to eat beef, pork or young children (12 years and younger) as an entrée. Just tick the box of your preference! If you have special dietary requests, you can also inform the organisers of these.


We will give the organisers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they're not cannibals. However, it is still a pretty big design flaw to ask for the number of attending kids right next to the pork.

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