How do You Make Your Event Gen C-proof?

How do You Make Your Event Gen C-proof?

Have you heard about Gen C? This new generation of consumers is most importantly characterised by the fact that it is connected, always and everywhere. Meaning on your event as well. How can you make optimal use of this?


After Generation X, Y and Z, it's now Generation C's turn. Gen C will resolutely aim for ‘community, connection, creation and curation’. These people find it very important to be part of a community. They are constantly in online connection with this community and are constantly on the lookout for original content to share with their following. You as an event organiser can make clever use of that fact.   



Use the community

If you can link your event to a community, you will instantly have an excellent target audience to boost your ticket sales. Announce beforehand when your ticket sales or signing up commences, and thereby create a buzz among the members of your community. As soon as you have registered, you should make sure that it is very easy for them to share their participation on social media. The more people talk about their participation, the more others will be wanting to participate.   



Constantly online

Because Gen C is continuously connected, you had best provide a lot of sockets and charging outlets for smart phones and tablets. Provide Wi-Fi with sufficient bandwidth, so that this generation can share videos, photos and other content, always and everywhere. Real Gen C-die-hards check their social accounts on LI, FB, WhatsApp, Snapchat and hashtag streams on Twitter or Instagram 15 to 150 times a day. Provide the schedule of your event with moments during which your attendees have time to create content, to charge and to share.



Technology all the way

Nowadays 70% of the meetings has an event app. An app naturally offers far more options of personalising content and enriching it with personal notes, to facilitate sharing content and to establish contacts. Technology also allows you to make better use of the various learning styles of your attendees. For instance, you can upload a video beforehand to prepare attendees for the content of a training session. Or you can let attendees ask questions to the speakers using the app. What about a hybrid event, with facilitators who encourage your live and virtual audience to participate in debates?



Variation and originality

Gen C likes variation. You can offer this by means of the decoration of your venue, for example. Equip your space with various seating options: single chairs or double seats, high or low tables… Yes, even exercise balls or bean bags are desirable seats.


Find original locations, unexpected viewpoints, surprising acts, ... A member of Gen C loves to share unique content which shows that he at least follows the trends, and preferably even sets them.


Want to know more about the ‘state-of-mind’ of Gen C? Read this study about Gen C, the YouTube generation.

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