EuBea launches the Meeting Design Award

EuBea launches the Meeting Design Award

The concept of 'meeting design' has developed exponentially and gained a prominent position in the international event management scene in the past few years. To stay tuned with the global trends, EuBea has introduced a Meeting Design Award as one of the five special Feature Categories.

With the support of the Meeting Design Institute, this new award adds an innovative angle to the awards traditionally given in the industry. The meeting design award uses the fundamental values of Meeting Architecture. To compete for the Meeting Design Award, in the context of the European Best Event Awards - candidates will be asked to fill a form to demonstrate how they performed in each of the stages of creating a more effective meeting, conference or event. For each candidate event, the MDI jury will be interested in how:

  • the objectives were identified,
  • how the event was designed based on these objectives,
  • how the execution of the project stayed true to the design 
  • how the results were assessed.

These four successive stages are what makes an event more effective and impactful and are therefore an important methodology to resist cost cutting and answer the demand for more ROI. They help generate not only great, amazing and impressive events, but also equitable, sustainable and accountable events.

The Jury will be composed of experts and specialists from among the members of the Meeting Design Institute. They will look at the standardised submissions from qualified projects. Not only will the winner receive the iconic elephant trophy, but also a ticket for a 5-day Meeting Architecturecertificated training.


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