Why Hamburgers are Always a Good Choice for an Event

Why Hamburgers are Always a Good Choice for an Event

Watching tiny appetisers pass by when you're hungry, or being offered hors d'oeuvres of which even the waiter cannot keep track of all the ingredients are frequent occurrences on everyday events. But when do you choose for things like this and when do you not?


A drop of olive oil on a spoon is not seen by everyone as a suitable - or adequate - bite. The assessment of the catering on an event is just as seriously evaluated by the critical attendees as the programming and can count on a 100% response rate. Fortunately the division in components such as quantity, offering, temperature, service and frequency is often limited to the opinion of the organisation.


Ich bin ein Hamburger

A prime example is the serving of hamburgers. Try and think of how many varieties you can come up with. The colossal 300 gram burger for a real men's fair, a beetroot burger for the fanatic healthy audience or the mini hamburger - without the cocktail stick - as a snack. Attendees feed their brains with the large amount of information they receive through lectures, break-out sessions and workshops, but in the end their stomachs roar almost as loud as the speakers. Just as it is a tiny distance from your office to the breakroom or the coffee corner, you as an organisation should make it equally easy to reach the catering on your event, and there should be plenty of food offered.


The belly rules the mind

Whether it's hamburgers or bags of French fries - have you ever considered sweet potatoes or parsnip? -, the offering should meet the following requirements: it should be fresh, satiating and delicious. Unpractical packagings, falling shreds of lettuce and high-quality (read: highly confusing) contrasting flavours - except Horecava - are not-done. Your attendees will leave the event with a smile, and not before they have positively reviewed it. Cheers! 


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