Diapers & Beer: Dad-chelor Parties are the Baby Showers for Men

Diapers & Beer: Dad-chelor Parties are the Baby Showers for Men

Less pink, more beer! A dad-chelor is the best way to spend your last few childless months.


A party in honour of the baby was thus far mainly a thing for women. There are diaper cakes everywhere, women sip from their glass of cava and cute presents are opened under the sounds of plenty of 'ooh's'. For the mommy, it is of course very nice to have all her friends come together, but dads often get left behind.


Lately, this is starting to change, however. The daddies were already involved a little more, but now there is also a version that contains a bit more testosterone: the dad-chelor.


Diaper cakes are still included, but are now accompanied by chicken legs, beer and a barbeque. Because for them too, a busy period is about to begin and it is nice to have all the friends come together. Event managers and event companies that focus on the private sector can make good use of this, by offering the options for daddy every time they receive a request for a baby shower. Few parents will be able to refuse! 

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