4 Secrets on How to get a Loyal Audience

4 Secrets on How to get a Loyal Audience

How do you turn your recurring event into a success, time and time again? How do you get your attendees to want to come back again and again? Moreover: how do you make sure they will look forward to it a long time in advance? We reveal 4 secrets on how to get a loyal audience. 


The main challenge is offering your attendees an amazing experience. So amazing, that they crave for more and can barely wait for the next edition. That is the kind of atmosphere that you have to create. And this is how it's done.


1. Pamper your audience

From start to finish, let your guests feel that you appreciate them. This is done by offering a seamless organisation and excellent service. A warm welcome, clear signage, friendly hosts and hostesses, ... All these elements contribute to the pampering of your guests.


2. Give exclusive benefits to loyal attendees

Give participants of previous editions a discount code or an early-bird discount, a gift or a gadget. That way, you encourage them to subscribe again and you also show that you appreciate that they have attended before.


3. Stay fresh

Offer something new every time: a different theme, new decoration, a surprising speaker, an original act, a 'mystery guest', ... You can find inspiration anywhere: with your team, your volunteers or even your attendees. That is, if you ask them, of course. And that brings us seamlessly to the fourth secret. 


4. Involve them before, during and after your event

In order to make loyal supporters of your attendees, it is very important to involve them as much as possible in your event. You should already start doing this while you are planning. Ask for feedback and input for gifts, line-up, speakers, acts, ... That way, they feel like they're 'owners' of your event. After all, they have helped to 'think about it'.  You should also keep looking for new ways to let them communicate with each other, to let them talk to the speakers or to help decide the atmosphere. Those who feel involved, will be more inclined to return and to share their experiences with others. Loyal customers can even be true ambassadors of your event. And that is a very important marketing tool.


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