Magic Leap Conjures Up a Whale on Your Event

Magic Leap Conjures Up a Whale on Your Event

Magic Leap, the VR company which is supported by Google, provides a lifelike experience with virtual objects. Perhaps a whale is just a tad too big, but it is possible in any case.


By intelligently using virtual reality, they can amplify projections considerably. The technology registers your eye-movements, so that you can simply look around and focus on a detail. The age in which holograms were simply projected and in which this was clearly visible, is already at an end.


Magic Leap is one step ahead with this technology. Many technological bigshots such as Google invest because they see the potential in this. The video below shows the progress, but a final product is not yet at hand. So it might take a while before you can show a whale on your event as well, although this already looks very promising!



Magic Leap would like to make dealings with the gaming industry, and rightfully so. With such products, a virtual reality can change into a real game, in which you cannot discern what's real and what's not. Apart from that, the communication and entertainment industry will be their biggest target market.


Empty spaces at your location will become the eye catcher of the evening in the blink of an eye. The introduction to your congress or event can also become more spectacular this way. However, the creativity still has to come from you, the event planner!


The slogan is: 'The world is your screen' and it is starting to look as if they're right.


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