Live concerts in Virtual Reality thanks to Live Nation and NextVR

Live concerts in Virtual Reality thanks to Live Nation and NextVR

Live Nation and NextVR collaborate and will this summer present their first virtual reality concerts to you.  


NextVR has already achieved quite a lot with its captation and broadcasting techniques for live and on-demand virtual experiences in broadcasting quality. Just put on your virtual goggles, and you imagine that you're in another world. NextVR will now co-operate with Live Nation and stream concerts live to fans all around the world. To amplify the feeling that you are really there, the company is developing optimised 3D audio and gives you the option of standing in the first row, on the stage, or even backstage.  


But what will this mean for the organisers? Will the charm of a live event die down slowly, because you can get the same experience in the comfort of your chair? Not really, because real fans will always want to experience the real thing. VR concerts will be a great alternative for those that can't be there or that can't pay for the ticket. You reach a target audience with it, that would not have been present at your event anyway, just like normal event livestreams.  


It is, however, fun to experiment with this. Those who can offer a top event AND a live experience for the unfortunate ones who have to stay at home, will kill two birds with one stone. So don't see this as a threat, but as an opportunity. Those who are curious what this looks like, can view what the Belgian tv-show 'De Ideale Wereld' ("The Ideal World") made of it. Hilarious from front to back, but we find it hard to take it seriously!  


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